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The General Assembly is considering a new law that will destroy workers rights in North Carolina; if this bill becomes law it will:

(1) take away their right to choose their own physician, and take away their right to ask the Industrial Commission to approve a treating physician of their own choice;

(2) take away all of their medical privacy rights by allowing the insurance company (and the insurance company’s attorney) to talk to their doctors without their prior knowledge or consent;

(3) let the insurance company cut off their compensation based on the claim that they aren’t cooperating with medical treatment;

(4) artificially cut off their compensation after 500 weeks without regard to whether they have wage-earning capacity; and

(5) require them to take a job that pays a lot less than they were making when they got hurt.

If you care at all about protecting your rights as a worker, you need to call your Representative now! Phone numbers and emails are on the website for the NC General Assembly.

Tell them you do not want them to cut off workers rights. Tell them not to support these terrible new bills.

You must call them today, before it’s too late! Once rights are taken away, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Call NOW!

For more information, go to or call us today at 336-765-7777.


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