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1. Know that it IS achievable.
Understand that you can be financially stable if and only if you make it a priority. You can overcome the obstacles you are facing with your money issues, as many other people have done so many times before.

2. Adjust your thinking around becoming financially stable.
This might require you to make significant changes like cutting expenses by 25-40% and using the extra money to sustain you until you are healthy. Invest in your own skills training in order to increase your earnings. Make the emotional and self-worth shifts that are required to experience abundance.

3. Get yourself fully informed about the topic of finances.
Read a book or find a financial planner who will help you understand your taxes, what compounding interest is, what good investments are, how much you’ll need when you retire, etc. Start hanging around people you like who already have money and learn from them.

4. Create income where none existed.
Increase fees, decrease expenses, be more productive, or find a new career entirely. Get into a field that offers opportunity, demand and growth (and pays well). Now might be the perfect time to pursue your dream job. How amazing would that be?

5. Build a cash base.
There is a psychological feeling of security that comes with having more than you need. Create a plan to achieve this within 10 years, or sooner. Be realistic yet aggressive. Properly set up structures, supports, and follow through will make having a cash reserve possible.

6. Protect what you have.
Get plenty of insurance: medical, life, disability, homeowners/renters, business, and liability. Invest in very safe investments; no more than 10% in speculative investments. Remember, that without the “fear of loss” you’ll move forward naturally.

7. Start living well and include rewarding yourself periodically.
You don’t have to wait to start enjoying your financial independence efforts; reward yourself now and again to keep it fun and stay motivated. In the meanwhile, spend money on truly valuable things like fresh food, a good quality mattress, clothing that fits and makes you look your best.

We all go through changes in life, whether they’re good or bad, but what’s important is how you deal with those changes. Get a jump start on securing a healthy financial future for yourself. Being injured or disabled does not cancel out all of the fun and fulfillment you will receive from planning wisely and being realistic about your situation. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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