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On Monday, a Davidson County school bus was involved in an accident with another vehicle. Over a dozen students were involved in the crash that happened on Boone Cave Road near Highway 150 in North Carolina. The bus serves Churchland Elementary School and thankfully, no one was hurt.

It is always frightening to hear of school bus accidents because we don’t want to hear of bus drivers or students getting killed or badly injured. Yes, accidents do happen but they are also preventable Reviewing these passenger safety tips is an excellent way to stay safe on the bus while traveling to and from each and every day!

Do you know your bus safety?

  1. Leave plenty of time to get to the bus stop. When you rush, you may not follow traffic safety rules.
  2. Walk on the sidewalks, where available.
  3. Remain alert at all times; don’t listen to your MP3 players, text, talk on your cell phone or play handheld video games because you won’t be aware of what’s happening around you.
  4. Also be careful when wearing your hood up; it makes it difficult for you to see.
  5. When waiting for the bus, stay away from the street. And don’t play around—so you are aware of traffic and can follow safety rules.
  6. Make sure the driver can see you at all times by staying ten giant steps away from the outside of the bus.
  7. Wait for the bus to stop completely before you approach it to get on or before you stand up to get off.
  8. Clothes or backpacks should not have drawstrings, toggles or key chains. They can get caught on bus handrails and doors.
  9. Hold the handrail so you don’t trip on the stairs.
  10. Find a seat and sit down immediately.
  11. Know your driver’s name and bus number to be sure you are boarding the right bus.
  12. Be courteous and respectful to your driver.
  13. Talk and laugh quietly with friends, but do not scream, it distracts the driver.
  14. Do not put your head, arms, papers or anything out the window.
  15. If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. The driver may not see you. Instead, ask the driver for help.
  16. If you have to cross the street, wait until the driver lets you know it’s OK.
  17. Stay away from the bus wheels at all times – especially the back wheels where it’s hard for the driver to see you.

Please read this recent news about the U.S. Department of Transportation Partnering with Creators of Chuggington™ on Nationwide Traffic Safety Campaign for Kids.

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  1. Gravatar for Richard N. (Rick) Shapiro
    Richard N. (Rick) Shapiro

    I'm sure these are very helpful tips for students. However the responsibility ultimately falls on drivers to obey traffic rules when driving around school buses. During a police enforcement campaign in Wilmington, NC, many drivers ignored school bus traffic rules. Some did not even appear to be aware that they were meant to stop when a school bus had activated its flashing lights and raised the stop sign arm.

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