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We can all appreciate a rainy day because of the refreshing qualities that it brings. Driving in the rain, however, can be very dangerous, so avoid it if you can. You may even consider yourself a safe driver who drives defensively and obeys all traffic rules, but what about the other drivers on the road? If you have no choice but to drive on a rainy day, keep your trips to a minimum to reduce your chances of getting into a car accident. Before driving, check your local traffic reports to see if your route to work, school, or wherever you are going is affected by flooding, traffic accidents, or road closures.

Here are some more helpful tips for rainy day driving:


  • When driving on the freeway, drive in the center lanes as water tends to pool in the outside lanes.
  • Turn on your headlights! It will help you see better on foggy or rainy days and it will help other drivers see you!
  • Increase your following distance and watch for brake lights ahead.
  • Slow down – it takes longer to stop in wet weather. Plus the faster you drive, the greater the chances of hydroplaning!
  • Drive slowly through any puddle of uncertain depth. That way if it’s deeper than you thought, you can still back out!
  • Never drive through moving water if you can’t see the ground through it – you could be swept right off the road!


  • Before it starts to rain, replace old or brittle wiper blades. Wiper blades are inexpensive and are very easy to change!
  • Check the tread and inflation of your tires. Properly maintained tires provide the added traction you will need on wet roads.
  • Consider carrying a portable car starter with you. That way, if your battery goes dead you can start your car from inside the vehicle rather than getting out of the car to do a conventional jump start with cables.

Be safe out there and remember to always be prepared in adverse weather conditions!

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