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NC Workers Compensation Benefits are at Risk

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According to the following article appearing in the Raleigh News and Observer, blogs.newsobserver.com/business/nc-chamber-to-push-for-slate-of-pro-business-laws#storylink=misearch, earlier this week, the General Assembly is wasting no time in trying to severely restrict the compensation paid to the most seriously injured workers:

North Carolina’s business lobby kicked off this year’s legislative session with an ambitious to-do list in a Republican-controlled statehouse.

The group hopes to achieve goals that were out-of-reach in past years when Democrats controlled both houses of the General Assembly.

Topping the chamber’s priorities: limiting medical malpractice lawsuits, limiting workers compensation payouts to injured employees, and limiting the cost of complying with state regulations.

Some of the legislation the chamber is seeking is expected to be introduced as early as Wednesday, lawmakers said at the gathering.

Republican Senator Phil Berger, the Senate President Pro Tempore, endorsed the chamber’s agenda.

McAlister said that North Carolina has among the highest per capital payouts for workers compensation claims, in part because some workers comp payouts are made for the duration of the injured worker’s life.

"It’s not supposed to be a retirement program," he said. "In too many instances its’ become more of a retirement program instead of taking care of a person until he’s ready to go back to work."

Read more: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/business/nc-chamber-to-push-for-slate-of-pro-business-laws#storylink=misearch#ixzz1D3CyykOo