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What lessons can we learn from Charlie Sheen?

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Reading the recent news about Charlie Sheen, America’s highest paid actor, I felt enormous sadness. Earning the startling sum of 2 million dollars per episode, would seem to eliminate most worries. Cocaine, porn, alcohol and erratic behavior have put this talented actor out of work and canceled the number one comedy show on TV.

I’ve wondered what I would say if Charlie Sheen showed up in my living room begging for advice. Of course, my first thought was a stern warning about alcohol and drugs, reminiscent of my late mother, and then I realized the futility of that thought. A staggering lack of self-worth and an enormous sense of denial come to mind. Is there any way to reach him? Or has he reached the point, as one addiction specialist commented, that his only real option is to die?

How truly sad that Charlie has lost sight of his roots. He has not only turned his back on those who nurtured him and enabled him to become a very wealthy celebrity, he has tried to kick them in the teeth.

It’s awfully hard to make a difference when someone thinks they don’t need help or just doesn’t want it. It makes you wonder if things might have turned out differently for Charlie if those around him had said “No” to him more often before the train got too far down the tracks.

For anyone whose star is rising, ask yourself if you’re staying in touch with reality. Are you really listening to those around you who are your true family and friends?

And for anyone who knows and cares about someone on the rise, talk to them now before it’s too late. Remind them that money isn’t everything, that material things come and go, that drugs and alcohol can ruin your life, and what really matters in the long run is your character, your integrity, and the love of family and friends.

Long ago Charlie lost his character and integrity. Let’s hope the love of his family and friends can somehow save him from himself.