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What's your plan for 2012?

One of the most important things I've learned is this:

Yesterday cannot be changed: Tomorrow can be whatever you want it to be.

No matter what hardships you faced in 2011, your future…

Michael Lewis

2011: Giving Thanks

With the close of 2011 at hand, I find myself looking back on the events of the past twelve months and giving thanks to all the hundreds of people who have entrusted my firm to help them.
I am…

Michael Lewis

Is Bankruptcy the right thing for you?

In these tough economic times, lots of individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet. When the bills become overwhelming and family income simply isn’t providing enough to cover…

Michael Lewis

Ask Mike Lewis about Seat Belt Entanglement

Through our partnership with Kidsandcars.org, Mike Lewis Attorneys’ bring you important information regarding the efforts to keep the kids of our world safe in and around motor vehicles. Seat belt…

Michael Lewis

4 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Social Security Benefits

Most people have heard about Social Security Benefits, but few people truly understand what it takes to become eligible to receive these benefits. Here are a few simple tips to guide you and…

Michael Lewis

Driving a Boat Is Not Child's Play

Hundreds of lives are lost each year due to recreational boating accidents. But you – the passenger or boat operator – can make a difference by adhering to safe boating standards.

Michael Lewis

McDonald’s, Hot Coffee and What You Need to Know, Part III

Now that Hot Coffee has been aired by HBO for the past several weeks, it’s time to take another look and see what it really means.
Not surprisingly, the insurance industry and big business have…

Michael Lewis

Casey Anthony, The Fugitive, and Denzel Washington

I did a WFMY News2 interview on focus groups and Casey Anthony, just hours before the jury returned its Not Guilty verdicts, much to the dismay of many.
I can now share with you that when I met…

Michael Lewis

McDonalds, Hot Coffee, and What You Need to Know: Part II

It is a rare occasion where the injury victim’s side of the story actually gets told in a meaningful and accurate way. In their zeal to promote the agenda of insurance companies and big…

Michael Lewis

McDonalds, Hot Coffee, and What You Need to Know: Part I

Everyone knows about the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case. Or so they think.
How much do you really know about what happened when an elderly lady spilled a steaming cup of hot coffee on her lap…